An animation has shown how the mRNA vaccine actually works

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A video animation has shown in striking simplicity how the mRNA vaccine works to protect the body from the Covid-19 infection.

    An incredible animation has shown in the most simplistic form possible how mRNA vaccines work to protect the body from Covid-19.

    Developed by The Vaccine Makers Project, the video attracted fanfare across social media on Saturday where it was described as “spectacular”.

    The Vaccine Makers Project is a program run by the Vaccine Education Centre at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the US.

    In the video, it’s explained how the coronavirus used a protein on its surface to attach to and enter cells, causing a person’s body to become sick.

    The video went on to state that mRNA vaccines work by teaching the body how to make antibodies that fit onto the protein and block it from being able to attach and enter cells, thus avoiding or minimising illness.

    The video detailed how the mRNA vaccine was wrapped in a layer of fat particles that protected it and helped it get taken up by specialised cells of the immune system called dendritic cells.

    Once it was inside these cells the mRNA, which does not enter the cell’s nucleus or interact with DNA, stayed in the cytoplasm with other mRNA molecules and waited to create the enzymes required by the body.

    When ribosomes, located inside the cells, read the vaccine mRNA, pieces of the viral surface protein were made, and then these pieces were displayed on the surface of the dendritic cell.

    The dendritic cell then made its way to a nearby lymph node where it presented the surface proteins to other cells of the immune system.

    At this point, some cells, called Helper T cells, trained B cells how to make antibodies that fit perfectly onto the surface protein of the virus.

    Other cells stimulated by the protein pieces, called cytotoxic T cells, could also kill virus infected cells.

    All of these cells, armed with the creations of the mRNA vaccine, meant that when a person became infected by Covid-19, their immune system would immediately recognise, neutralise, and destroy it.

    This would unfold all before the person even realised they had been infected.

    Huge response to mRNA animation

    British infectious diseases expert Dr Neil Stone said the short clip was “spectacular”.

    “Absolutely spectacular video showing how mRNA Covid vaccines actually work. The human immune system – and the science which went into harnessing it through vaccines – is mind blowingly beautiful,” he wrote in a tweet.

    Australia’s Dr Karl Kruszelnicki also joined the chorus of positive feedback.

    “Nice animation showing a small part of the incredible complexity of the immune system – in this case, of how mRNA vaccines stimulate production of protective antibodies,” he wrote.

    Nobel prize winner Professor Pete Doherty shared a similar sentiment.

    “Great video of how mRNA vaccines work. Shows the mRNA from the vaccine go through the (blue) ribosome ‘machine’ as it makes the spike protein. That’s all the mRNA does, it doesn’t copy itself, or go into the nucleus or stick around!” he wrote.

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