Anti-vax protesters pummel Canadian PM

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Justin Trudeau was forced to cancel a campaign event after furious coronavirus protesters rallied against the Canadian leader.

    A campaign event for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was cancelled over safety concerns after angry coronavirus protesters rallied against the liberal leader.

    “I need freedom,” read one sign held by a protester in Bolton, Ontario, on Friday. While others repeatedly screamed, “f*** Trudeau!”, and people were seen waving their middle fingers at the PM.

    The event was first postponed by two hours on Friday, and was eventually cancelled over security concerns due to the rowdy crowd.

    “Canadians have had a hard year,” Mr Trudeau told reporters after the event was cancelled. “And these protesters have also had a hard year … I know and I feel the anger, the frustration, perhaps the fear.”

    “But we must meet that anger with compassion.”

    Much of the anger was in response to the Canadian government’s strict approach to vaccines and repeated lockdowns in the country.

    Earlier this month, Trudeau said that people would be banned from boarding any plane, train or cruise ship in Canada unless they are fully vaccinated.

    All government employees are also required to get the vaccine, along with airlines and railways employees.

    He also announced on Friday that if he’s re-elected, a $1 billion program would be established to assist provinces in developing vaccination passport programs.

    His doubling-down on strict coronavirus policies comes ahead of the September 20 federal election in the country, but not all Canadians appear satisfied with his approach.

    The cancellation of Mr Trudeau’s Bolton event was the third time on Friday alone that he was disrupted by angry protesters, including at St. Phillips Bakery when protesters jeered at him and held signs reading, “Trudeau Treason.”

    He was also protested by anti-vaccine proponents on Wednesday during a trip to British Columbia.

    “We’ve never seen anything like this,” one Liberal volunteer told the Toronto Star. “We’re being followed around, and they’re really well-prepared … We’ve been seeing protesters from Markham to B.C. that are the same people.”

    Mr Trudeau was also questioned Friday evening if he thought he’s helped politicise vaccines, and responded that Canada needs to rely on science.

    “We have to stand strong for what we know to be true: that science is going to help us, that it’s going to be the path forward out of this,” he said.

    This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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