The Intercaste Couples Association of India has demanded that the Union government come out with clear guidelines under which the SC/ST status of inter-caste couples and their wards need to be determined. The association representatives attended a hearing held by the Information Commissioner and reportedly said that the replies were unsatisfactory.

K. Alagesan, president of the association, filed a petition under the RTI Act in July 2019 with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment demanding clarification on the guidelines followed by the Centre in determining SC/ST status of inter-caste couples and their children. The association asked for details regarding the office which framed the guiding principles.

The association complained that though various State governments were offering SC/ST certificates for children of inter-caste couple, such certificates were reportedly not being accepted by the Centre, hence they were not able to avail the benefits.

Kolathur S. Mani, leader of Dravida Viduthalai Kazhagam, demanded that the MPs from Tamil Nadu, especially those who got elected from reserve constituencies, must raise the issue in the Lok Sabha and get it clarified by the Home Ministry.

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