Bank robbers strap 10 hostages to cars

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Disturbing video shows people strapped to cars as a gang makes its escape after a series of brazen bank robberies in southern Brazil.

    A gang used innocent people as human shields as they escaped from a bank robbery in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The criminals also planted bombs throughout the city as part of their elaborate plot.

    The gang raided three banks in Aracatuba in the southern Brazilian city of Araçatuba early Monday.

    A least three people killed, including one suspect and one person seen filming the gang.

    Police said up to 20 people took part in the heist.

    A 25-year old cyclist was seriously injured when one of the bombs planted by the gang exploded as he cycled past.

    The cyclist has since had both of his feet amputated in hospital, local media reported.

    Álvaro Camilo, the executive secretary of Sao Paulo’s military police, has warned people not to leave their homes until all the explosive booby traps have been found and deactivated.

    It’s thought the bombs can be triggered by either heat or motion.

    Shocking video showed the victims tied to the roofs and hoods of 10 cars as the gang made its escape.

    One video showed a hostage, standing through the sunroof of one car, with his arms raised in the air.

    The chilling tactic was apparently designed to prevent the police from opening fire.

    Mayor of Araçatuba Dilador Borges called the move “horrific” in a televised interview early Monday.

    He said held their fire once they realised the robbers had tied people to their vehicles.

    “The police didn’t come closer because they saw the hostages. The tragedy could have been far worse.”

    The robbers set four vehicles, including a bus, on fire as they fled to act as a distraction.

    More than 350 police and two helicopters have been dispatched to track the gang.

    Police said three suspects had been arrested.

    Footage posted by Brazilian journalist Yuri Macri indicated the men threw cash at a homeless person.

    The criminals used drones to monitor police as the robberies unfolded.

    Mr Borges told CNN that police were still hunting the robbers still at large after they fled into the countryside.

    He said police were forced to stand back as the deadly events unfolded because they feared more people would be killed.

    Security forces have taken control of the city in the aftermath of the ordeal.

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