BJP is only working for corporates, alleges CPI(M)

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The BJP is not a people’s party and it is a political party working for the corporates and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has virtually become a representative of the corporate sector and has also converted Andhra Pradesh into Adani Pradesh, alleged CPI(M) State executive committee member M.V.S. Sarma.

He was speaking at the annual GVMC-level ‘Mahasabha’ of the CPI (M) at Pedagantyada here on Saturday.

He alleged that during the peak COVID-19 crisis, when common man was having difficulty in getting a proper meal, the BJP was busy increasing the asset values of Adani and Ambani.

YSR Congress Party and the two Opposition parties — TDP and JSP — don’t seem to be aware of the perils faced by the State because of the policies of the Union Government, said Mr. Sarma.

He pointed out that about 68% of the people in the rural areas and about 58% in the urban areas are facing food shortage, even though about seven crore tonnes of foodgrains are rotting in the godowns.

Mr. Sarma alleged that demonetisation five years ago and monetisation now have destroyed the country’s economy.

According to him, the RINL for which 32 lives were sacrificed is now up for sale to private parties and many other PSUs are facing the same fate, due to the policies of the Union Government.

“After PM had assumed charge in 2014, about ₹23.60 lakh crore was extorted from the public and as during the colonial rule even salt has become costly,” he alleged.

Policies of the State government led by Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy are compounding the miseries of the people, he said.

Party city secretary B. Gangarao said that the State government was destroying the education sector by its ‘assault’ on aided colleges and schools.

He alleged that both the Union and the State Governments have failed to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, leading to deaths of several people.

The party’s State secretary P. Madhu said that on November 26, a nation-wide protest is being organised against demonetisation and the Farm Acts. He said that implementation of GST was a direct assault on the federal structure of the Constitution.

Other leaders spoke at the meeting.

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