Body of 3-year-old boy discovered a week after mother was found killed

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A missing three-year-old’s body has been tragically found a week after his mother was murdered in a shocking crime in the USA.

    A missing 3-year-old boy’s body was discovered in Milwaukee — a week after his mother was found murdered, according to local authorities.

    The toddler, Major Harris, was discovered Thursday at North 35th Street and West Rohr Avenue, Milwaukee Police said in a statement.

    A law enforcement source told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Major’s body was found in a storage bin.

    “This is an ongoing investigation,” Acting Chief Jeffrey Norman told the paper. “This is something that is very fluid at this time. My heart and my condolences go out to the family.”

    Major had been missing since Oct. 14, when his mother, Mallery Muenzenberger, 25, was discovered shot to death in the backyard of a Milwaukee home, the outlet reported.

    Both mother and son lived in Onalaska, about three hours west of Milwaukee, according to the report.

    They were last seen alive on Oct. 9 in Milwaukee.

    Authorities struggled to identify Muenzenberger at first — since she was not a local resident — but once they made contact with relatives, they learned her son was missing and issued an Amber Alert, according to the report.

    Jaheem Clark, 20, was identified as a suspect, but he fatally shot himself Sunday as cops closed in on the home where he was staying, the paper reported.

    The next day, cops found Muenzenberger’s black SUV near a laundromat, with blood inside the car, according to the outlet.

    Authorities confirmed on Wednesday that they took people into custody who they believed had information on the crime, the Sentinel reported.

    Two men, ages 21 and 29, were still in custody as of late Thursday and had not been charged, police spokesman Sgt. Efrain Cornejo told the paper.

    But four others had been released, he said.

    Milwaukee police described the suspect as an acquaintance of Muenzenberger and have not provided details on their relationship, according to the report.

    Muenzenberger’s family said in a statement earlier Thursday that she had become “involved in a life she never shared with our family.”

    “She was much too private,” the statement said. “She was an honest person with too much trust, we have found out.”

    She “faced her death at the hands of domestic violence,” according to the family.

    “As we have been searching through her belongings, we came across her high school senior project,” the relatives said. “How ironic that the topic she chose to present was Domestic Violence Awareness.”

    The family described her as a mother “who loved her little boy with all of her heart.”

    “Her son was her life — her joy — her purpose, her future,” the statement said. “She loved her family.”

    This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was republished with permission

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