Caddick’s husband’s bizarre new move

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The DJ husband of missing Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick has released an album about a police raid and her disappearance.

    The husband of accused millionaire fraudster Melissa Caddick has released a bizarre music album detailing exactly what happened the day police raided her luxury home, and her subsequent disappearance.

    Anthony Koletti, a hairdresser and DJ, released the album online, after his music was featured on a Channel 7 Spotlight investigation into the Caddick case on Sunday night.

    Ms Caddick was last year accused of ripping off family, friends and investors, and she disappeared from her multimillion-dollar Dover Heights home on November 12, after corporate watchdog ASIC raided her property searching for evidence on November 11.

    Three months later, her decomposed foot was found on a beach 400km away from her home.

    The grisly find sparked a string of wild theories about what may have happened to Ms Caddick, including that she may have cut off her own foot and faked her disappearance, or that she may have taken her own life.

    Now, Mr Koletti has made the surprising move of creating and publicly releasing an album inspired by the case.

    The album, titled Raid and released under the name Paws Off, is available online in full on platforms such as Spotify.

    The album kicks off with Introduction, in which Mr Koletti says: “November 11, 2020, 5am. This is a true account of what happened on the day of the raid. Parental guidance is recommended.” It is followed by knocking sounds, presumably to represent police arriving at the home.

    The next track, Good Morning, features the sounds of snoring as well as Mr Koletti impersonating a female police officer.

    “No, no, we don’t have any proof or evidence, we’ll just get them,” the impersonation says.

    “Yeah, that’s good enough for me,” Mr Koletti replies in a deeper voice, followed by another voice, which says: “Freeze, don’t move.”

    In another track, No Rights, Mr Koletti says: “When you’re told you’ve got no rights, that’s what you believe.”

    In another, Privacy Zero, he claims the allegations against his wife are a “one-sided story told by one large corporation, spending millions”.

    The DJ details the trauma of the raid in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, saying: “If you think that the raid that happened on November 11, 2020 affected nobody, you were wrong.”

    In Bragging, he claims police entered the home to “break things and disrespect all of us”, while in Ten Minutes Too Late, Mr Koletti delves into conspiracy theories connected with the disappearance, saying: “If you walked out on your own accord, or if you were taken from the front door, I woke up 10 minutes too late.”

    The final song, Outroduction, ends with the line: “The damage is done.”

    The album comes after Mr Koletti made some bombshell claims on Channel 7’s Spotlight program on the weekend.

    In the program, he claimed Ms Caddick was killed, despite the fact police believe it is more likely she took her own life.

    Mr Koletti said: “She wasn’t the kind of person who would chop off her foot and go AWOL.

    “I know why she died. Someone got greedy and wanted her dead.”

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