Chances of catching Covid if fully vaxxed

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The Health Minister has revealed how likely it is that double-dosed Australians will catch Covid-19.

    Health Minister Greg Hunt has revealed how likely Australians are to catch Covid-19 if they are fully vaccinated against the virus.

    Speaking to 2CC radio on Tuesday, Mr Hunt said the vaccine was people’s “frontline” protection against Covid-19.

    Covid-19 has a mortality rate of 1.06 per cent in Australia. Around 1,400 Aussies are currently in hospital with the virus, including 288 people in Intensive Care Units across the country.

    The Health Minister said getting the jab would diminish most people’s risk of being hospitalised with Covid-19 to almost nothing.

    “We do know that what vaccination does is it reduces significantly your risk of getting the disease, but it doesn't prevent it,” Mr Hunt said.

    “In the best case study, 47,000 people in NSW and the ACT between the ages of 16, and I believe 65, have been diagnosed. Of those, only four per cent have been fully vaccinated.”

    And even if you catch Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated, Mr Hunt says the chance of becoming seriously ill is still very low for Australians who are double-dosed.

    “It reduces very significantly your risk of serious illness or hospitalisation,” the Health Minister said.

    Of the 47,000-person case study in NSW and the ACT, Mr Hunt said only one per cent of positive cases who died from the virus were fully vaccinated.

    Australia’s Intensive care units reflect a similar trend. According to NSW Health, less than 2 per cent of people admitted to intensive care in NSW in the first 11 weeks of the state’s most recent outbreak were fully vaccinated.

    Of the 4654 people hospitalised with Covid-19 over that period, just three per cent were double-dosed.

    Eighteen per cent of hospitalisations were partially vaccinated, and the remaining 79 per cent were either unvaccinated or their vaccination status was unknown.

    “As a country, today we’ll pass 85 per cent of people with first doses,” Mr Hunt said.

    “The vaccine is your frontline … we want everybody, everywhere to take the vaccine.”

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