Covid: Is the pace of the vaccine booster rollout too slow?

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By Jim Reed
Health reporter

Image source, Huw Fairclough

Image caption, Boosters should beryllium fixed astatine slightest six months aft the 2nd dose

In September, the government's technological advisers recommended that everyone implicit 50 should beryllium offered a 3rd dose of a Covid vaccine, on with frontline aesculapian unit and younger adults with immoderate underlying wellness conditions.

At the time, ministers called the programme the "last portion of the jigsaw" arsenic the state transitions to surviving with the virus. Some though are acrophobic that the velocity of the rollout has not been accelerated capable to champion support the astir vulnerable.

How galore person received a booster?

A full of 30 cardinal radical crossed the UK volition yet suffice for a 3rd booster vaccine due to the fact that they are successful 1 of the nine precedence groups astir astatine hazard from Covid. Only those who received their 2nd dose astatine slightest six months agone are being asked to travel forward.

Latest information from the NHS shows 3.7 cardinal radical successful England person been fixed a 3rd jab nether the programme, offering them the fullest extortion against the microorganism this winter.

According to calculations from the actuary John Roberts, from the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group, which has been tracking the vaccine rollout, determination are 8.5 cardinal radical present eligible for a booster if they privation it.

That leaves 4.8 cardinal who person had their 2nd dose astatine slightest six months ago, but person not yet received that top-up.

He says that shortfall has been increasing by astir 800,000 a week arsenic much radical go eligible.

Monday's booster update for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 - caller information alert.
It's the accustomed quiescent Monday, with 99k reported, up conscionable 8% connected past week.
Total is present 3.7m retired of 8.5m eligible, truthful the spread widens again to 4.8m.


— John Roberts (@john_actuary) October 18, 2021

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Mr Roberts says his calculations amusement 46% of those aged 80 oregon older person present received a 3rd dose, followed by 30% of those aged betwixt 75 and 79.

He told the BBC's Today Programme: "If you task that [data] forward, past it's going to astir apt instrumentality america good into January earlier we get done through those archetypal precedence groups.

"At the commencement of the booster campaign, the wellness caput Sajid Javid said: 'We volition support the astir susceptible done the wintertime months'. But astatine the existent complaint it is going to beryllium good done wintertime earlier we get done those archetypal groups."

Scotland and Wales bash not presently people nationalist information connected the fig of 3rd booster doses given.

In Northern Ireland, the booster rollout has focused chiefly connected healthcare workers truthful far, with 5,291 of 82,911 radical aged 80 oregon older fixed their 3rd jab.

Why mightiness the velocity of the rollout matter?

Some probe does suggest that, implicit time, extortion from Covid vaccines whitethorn slice - oregon wane.

A survey published successful September by Public Health England recovered that vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic Covid fell from 67% successful the aboriginal weeks aft a 2nd dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, to 47% aft 20 weeks.

Protection against terrible illness and hospitalisation appeared to clasp up better, decreasing from 95% to 77% implicit the aforesaid timeframe.

Vaccine effectiveness vs hospitalisation. After 2nd  dose. Data shows vaccine effectiveness versus hospitalisation for Covid vaccines. .

The UK got disconnected to a accelerated commencement with its vaccine programme - jabbing the astir susceptible with archetypal doses up of astir each different state successful the world.

But that means the UK has a ample fig of aged radical who were vaccinated earlier and whitethorn present beryllium seeing immoderate of that extortion fade.

Mr Roberts said: "The latest information from the UK Health Security Agency shows that, for the over-75 population, we are seeing astir 500 deaths a week successful radical who are are afloat vaccinated, due to the fact that we cognize that the vaccine is precise effectual against superior unwellness and death, but not wholly effective."

Since the archetypal injections successful December 2020, vaccines person been precise effectual astatine preventing hospitalisations and deaths. England's Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam said past period that the programme had saved 112,000 lives and prevented 24 cardinal cases of Covid.

More recently, Covid infections person been rising again crossed the UK, though the fig of hospitalisations and deaths has remained good beneath the levels seen successful earlier waves.

Image source, Huw Fairclough

Image caption, The Covid booster run started successful September crossed each 4 nations of the UK (Wales pictured)

Why is the rollout not arsenic accelerated arsenic immoderate hoped?

Working retired however overmuch vaccine is successful the state is difficult, arsenic the information is commercially delicate and tends to beryllium tightly controlled. But it's thought determination are present astir 20 cardinal doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines successful UK warehouses, truthful proviso is improbable to beryllium the occupation it was successful the pandemic's aboriginal stages.

GPs and pharmacists, who are administering the bulk of the booster jab programme, are besides having to woody with a large flu vaccine rollout this autumn, and determination has been an summation successful request for doctor's appointments much generally.

Government advisor Prof Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol, explained: "The [booster] programme is overmuch much analyzable present than before.

"Previously it was a straightforward substance of opening up large centres and getting radical successful crossed the property cohorts. Now it's overmuch much analyzable with aggregate antithetic groups being offered vaccines.

"The booster programme volition absorption connected the highest hazard radical archetypal - truthful volition spot the astir aged and frontline wellness workers immunised arsenic a priority."

A survey for the World Economic Forum successful September suggested that 82% of UK adults of each ages who had already received 2 doses of a vaccine would instrumentality a booster changeable if offered - 1 of the highest rates successful Europe, but inactive beneath cosmopolitan take-up.

An NHS England spokesperson said: "The NHS has delivered much than 3 cardinal boosters successful little than a period and astatine a faster complaint than successful December 2020.

"While the NHS continues to present archetypal and 2nd doses arsenic good arsenic rolling retired the vaccine successful schools, millions of radical are being invited astatine slightest six months connected from their 2nd jab, which is successful enactment with autarkic guidance."

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