The Crime Branch probing the financial fraud cases against Monson Mavunkal, the self-styled antique collector, is investigating his potential connections with a gangster named Omprakash.

This was after the gangster, accused in numerous cases, was found to have had maintained contact with Monson. Following this, the gangster’s statement was recorded on Thursday. The investigators, however, are yet to discover any links of the gangster to the cases for which Monson is being investigated.

The Crime Branch is also probing whether Monson had surreptitiously caught the visitors to his mansion at Kaloor on cameras. Though over a dozen cameras were installed at his house, investigators are yet to find any hidden cameras.

It is also probing a child abuse case against Monson based on his maid’s complaint. Monson had allegedly sexually abused her daughter while she was a minor.

The Crime Branch is probing whether any obscene visuals were recorded by Monson in this connection.

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