Dom’s kid distraught over Yellow Wiggle

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The departure of Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has triggered a wave of tears across the nation, including in the household of NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

    Covid numbers. Climate change. The livelihood of the business community.

    The NSW Premier should be expected to address any and every event that has the potential to shift the nation’s equilibrium.

    And on Tuesday, Dominic Perrottet did just that: weighing in on news that has altered the cultural landscape.

    We are of course talking about the departure of Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins.

    The leader of NSW and father of six used his morning press conference in Sydney to discuss a range of issues associated with the coronavirus and his state’s continued reopening, but there was one specific question that hit close to home.

    “How was the Perrottet household today after news Emma Watkins will hand back her yellow skivvy?”

    His answer?

    “Distraught. Distraught.

    “I mean how are there Wiggles without Emma? We’ll see, we’ll see,” Mr Perrottet said.

    “I woke up to the news, (daughter) Harriet was distraught, but they’ll get over it in time.

    “And The Wiggles have evolved over time and I have complete confidence that The Wiggles will be great again.”

    The Wiggles on Tuesday announced Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins will depart the children’s group at the end of 2021, having occupied the role for the past nine years.

    She was the group’s first female Wiggle and is leaving to focus on her PhD and work with the deaf community as well as dance and film editing.

    “Like many people around the world, the pandemic has given me time to reflect on what is important in life. For me, that means spending more time at home, something that I didn’t realise I was missing out on being away eight months of the year on tour but something that I have really cherished over the last 18 months,” she said.

    Ms Watkins will be replaced by Tsehay Hawkins, who was recently announced as one of the new cast members on The Wiggles’ Fruit Salad TV.

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