Fordham breaks down after Cleo found

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The radio host broke down as he confirmed the news Australians had spent 18 days hoping to hear.

    Sydney radio host Ben Fordham has broken down on air while relaying the news that four-year-old Cleo Smith had been found “alive and well” after being missing for 18 days.

    The 2GB host’s voice broke as he confirmed WA Police had broken their way into a locked Carnarvon house in the early hours of Wednesday morning and found the child in a room.

    Fordham said the news had hit him “so hard”.

    “As the father of little girls, I’m just so happy for their family,” he said.

    “I don’t know why it hits so hard it just does – when it’s a little person.”

    Fordham spoke to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller who told him his WA counterpart had also broken down after hearing the news.

    “When he got the call this morning he broke down and cried. That speaks volumes,” Mr Fuller said.

    “I thought the chances of finding her alive were so slim.”

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