‘Government plans to build commercial complex in Pattinapakkam’

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The Tamil Nadu government has plans to construct a commercial complex on a par with international standards on the 25.16 acre of land in Pattinapakkam, Housing and Urban Development Minister S. Muthusamy told the Assembly on Wednesday.

“Once, the LIC building served as the identity of Chennai. It was a tourist attraction and would be shown in films. We will make the new complex the new identity of the city,” he said.

Prime location

Mr. Muthusamy said the area was between two main roads, and it was very difficult to get such a space in the city.

“We are studying the possibility of constructing the complex in collaboration with Singapore and other governments. We are keen on making it the identity of the city, and the Chief Minister is very particular about the project,” he said.

The Minister explained that the project would be implemented without felling the trees on the premises, and if necessary, they would be replanted. “We will also plant 10 saplings in place of every tree that is removed,” he added. He said the trade centre in Nandanam was given up due to technical reasons, and they would soon study the project.

Pointing out the poor condition of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) flats, he said 1,078 flats constructed under the instalment scheme remained unsold. “The Chief Minister has asked us to study the situation and find ways [to repair them]. In fact, they were completed over 30 years ago, and now the TNHB had nothing to do with them,” Mr. Muthusamy said.

Self-finance scheme

He said 6,000 houses constructed under the self-finance scheme also remained unsold, and the government was taking steps to sell them.

The Minister said Metropolitan Development Authorities would be established in Madurai, Coimbatore-Tiruppur and Hosur.

Mr. Muthsamy said the Chief Minister had also advised him to organise special camps to hand over documents to those who had paid the money for allotment of the TNHB flats.

“In a month, we have handed over documents to 2,691 allotees,” he added. He also pointed out that 41 complexes were derelict. “They pose a great danger,” he added.

“Whether it is the complex in Pattinapakkam or other buildings, we will ensure quality. It will be higher than the quality of private constructions. Number is not important, quality is,” he said.

Mr. Muthusamy said it was the goal of the Chief Minister to provide quality homes to everyone by 2030.

He said as the 143 neighbouring villages in the city lacked development, the government would implement a scheme to link them with roads to spur growth.

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