Healthy model told she was ‘too fat’ for job, sparking outrage

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A model who is a healthy body size broke down in tears after being told she’s “too fat” during a casting, sparking outrage online.

    A model has broken down revealing she was rejected from a job for being “too fat”, leaving people horrified.

    Anna Gantt, a model in New York shared a video on TikTok, captioned: “Welcome to the reality of modelling in NYC. I’m so crushed.”

    The 178cms and an American size 4-6 (an AU size 8-10) model explained that a recent casting she was told she needed to lose weight as bosses wanted to “see her bones”.

    Anna was clearly distraught by the incident, breaking down in floods of tears in her video.

    “These are the days where I f***ing hate being a model.

    “Because I am never good enough and I have been modelling since 2014 and I started out as a size 0/2, doing editorial and runway and now I’m a size 4/6 and I’m sh*t on every day because I’m not a skeleton and I’m not unhealthy anymore.”

    She went on to explain that her “feelings were hurt” by the casting director as she is now “healthy” after living with an eating disorder in the past.

    “I finally feel confident at my size,” she said. “I’ve gained 35 pounds (15kg) in the past five years and I look great.

    “Living in this city will make you feel like sh*t about yourself and it will make you feel like you are not enough and it will make you feel like you have to live some unhealthy lifestyle to make it.

    “F**k, it, f**k modelling, f**k fashion, f**k the industry.”

    Anna went on to explain that her size meant she is “too small for plus-size” while being “too big” for the “f**ked standard size” of 0-2.

    “I’m telling you, after modelling in this industry since 2014, I’m 22 years old.

    “That was like seven years ago that I started modelling, I was very young.

    “And I’m telling you out of all the models I have met and worked with on set, it is very rare that being that small is natural.”

    Anna finished by saying she’s done with the industry, stating the feeling of being “not good enough” was relentless.

    “They said ‘you’re not wafey enough, we want to see your bones, the shoot is in early December, you can lose some weight’.

    “It’s f***ing 2021 and they are telling me to lose weight for a shoot.

    “I’m just f***ing done.”

    The TikTok video has only been live for 24 hours and has already clocked up over 11 million views.

    Many viewers were quick to support Anna, sharing their disgust at her experience.

    “This is heartbreaking. Healthy is beautiful,” one said.

    “Girl you are stunning just as you are! Don’t let the darkness of others take away your bright light,” another wrote.

    While one said: “I’m so mad for you. I’m so sorry.”

    Several famous model’s also commented on Anna’s video sharing messages of support.

    “LITERALLY HAPPENED TO ME! I love you girl. That client doesn’t deserve you!!” Abbie Herbet said.

    American plus-size model Tess Holliday said: “Eff them. You’re stunning. The industry needs to change, not you.”

    Several brands also commented offering to work with Anna.

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