Doxycycline tablets to be distributed to those required

Passengers are evacuated from a KSRTC bus which got stuck in the flash floods at Poonjar in Kerala’s Kottayam district following heavy rain on October 16, 2021.  

Doxycycline tablets to be distributed to those required

The Health Department has issued an alert against leptospirosis outbreaks as rain and related floods are likely to continue in the State in the days to come.

Medicine recommended

Leptospirosis outbreaks are highly likely in flood-affected or waterlogged regions. People affected by floods, volunteers and rescue workers who come into contact with contaminated waters should compulsorily consume doxycycline tablets that will be distributed by health workers, Health Minister Veena George said on Monday.

If not treated in the early stages, leptospirosis can become fatal.

Doxycycline is made available free of cost through all Government hospitals, and 200 mg of the drug should be consumed once a week for six weeks as prophylaxis.

Protective gear

The Health Department has also suggested that people and volunteers engaged in cleaning activities in the aftermath of floods wear protective footwear and gloves to prevent infections

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