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Dominic Perrottet unveiled a huge support package for those escaping this shocking crime a day after it was revealed they would be eligible for a $5000 payment.

    The NSW Premier has revealed 75 new refuges will be created for people escaping domestic and family violence.

    Dominic Perrottet said the “silver lining” of the pandemic was the investment in support for violence survivors.

    “Yes we focused on the health support, we focused on the economic and business support, but we don‘t want a single person in this state to be left behind,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

    “We want to make sure every single person across our state gets through these difficult times.”

    Mr Perrottet said there would be “wraparound” services made available in areas that needed it the most.

    He explained the state government would invest $500m on the additional refuges and the funding was the largest for victim survivors in the state’s history.

    “I’m very pleased to say, in putting together this package, we know we’ll make a real difference,” Mr Perrottet said.

    “These are big numbers but more importantly they will have real impact on women and children across the state.”

    The news comes after it was revealed on Monday that Australian women fleeing an abusive relationship will be given a $5000 government payment to help them escape the violence.

    The launch of the escaping violence payment scheme comes as states and territories across the country report a disturbing increase in domestic violence incidents during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

    One in six Australian women experience violence from their partner, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    The $5000 domestic violence support package will include $1500 in cash, with the rest available as direct payments for necessities such as bond, rent and school fees.

    Women’s Safety Minister Anne Ruston told the Senate on Monday the government's definition of domestic violence had expanded substantially over the past decade.

    “New and emerging forms of domestic violence, things like coercive control, financial abuse and technology-facilitated abuse are absolutely insidious and make it near impossible in some circumstances for women to have the resources to actually leave an abusive relationship,” Senator Rushton said.

    “These barriers to leaving an abusive relationship are exactly what the escaping violence payment is directed at making sure we address.”

    To be eligible for the $5000 one-off payment, women will have to prove they are experiencing both domestic violence and financial stress.

    Proof of domestic violence may include a referral from a family and domestic violence service provider, an apprehended violence order, a court order or a police report.

    Senator Ruston said the program would not be means tested, given women often left relationships without any financial assets not tied to their abusive partner.

    “We want to make sure it’s available to every woman, no matter where she comes from,” Senator Rushton said.

    “We know it’s not uncommon for bank accounts to be frozen and credit cards to be cut off.

    “Doesn’t matter what size house a woman comes from, she needs our support.”

    The new payment scheme is part of a two-year government trial, which received an allocation of $144.5m in the 2021-22 federal budget.

    Domestic violence victims will be able to apply for the $5000 payment from Tuesday by contacting UnitingCare Australia.

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