Lollipop lady slams $3k a week job

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It can pay up to $3000 a week, but being a lollipop lady is the “worst job ever”, according several Aussies currently in the role.

Aussie lollipop ladies have revealed the huge downsides to the job, despite others boasting about the huge pay packets they rake in.

One woman, Paris Taylor, has described the role of traffic controller as the “worst job ever”.

“For everyone hyping traffic control as a good job, why are you lying?” she said in a TikTok video.

When she was asked about the pay, she said the reality was it “only pays well if you are doing long hours”.

Other women have described dealing with nightmare pedestrians and drivers.

Nursing student Unity Adams filmed a TikTok video on a worksite outlining what women cop on a regular basis.

“Getting ‘cat called’ every 20 minutes,” she said, adding she was hit on 24/7.

Perth-based traffic controller Amelia Brady also confirmed that she is “hit on” by drivers all the time.

Ms Adams added she also has to endure “angry men” yelling at her to get off the road and having to listen to other tradies constantly talking about other women.

But she was quick to add that her complaints weren’t about male colleagues or anyone she works with but is about the “public pedestrians that walk by”.

Another Aussie lollipop lady Chloe Taouk previously revealed she earns almost $3000 a week.

Filming from construction sites around Sydney, she outlined that by working almost 58 hours in six days, she raked in a whopping $2949, although it’s not clear whether this is her earnings before or after tax.

For one shift on Thursday she worked just 15 minutes, scoring herself $148, while Sunday was the most lucrative with $717.40 in the bank for 12.5 hours due to double time.

Her longest shift was 14 hours on a Wednesday, which netted her $611.50, while a higher rate on Saturday gave her $557 for nine hours.

During the week, she worked for 12 hours on the Monday raking in $496, while her 10-hour shift on Tuesday scored her $409.45.

Overall, her pay packet equated to an incredible $50 an hour for her working week.

But a Melbourne traffic controller recently took social media to complain about making $2000 every week because of a hidden cost to the job.

Maria Kefalas, 21, said on TikTok she almost immediately applied for the job after hearing about the lucrative role.

‘I’ve been seeing a lot of TikTok (videos) in regards to traffic control, and they are all positive,’ she ranted in her post.

She joked to viewers that she thought she was going to be “so rich”.

But she said this was “false hope” because “it has got to be the most inconsistent job I have ever done in my life”.

“What people don’t tell you is you can work that whole week from Monday to Friday and get that much money [$3000] but then you could … have a whole month with no work,” she explained.

The award rate nationally for a traffic controller is $29.79 per hour but it can jump to $99.15 per hour if working overtime.

According Seek, the median annual salary in NSW for a traffic controller is $76,249.

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