‘Ludicrous’ gender reveal goes horribly wrong

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A couple took part in a “very dangerous” challenge to reveal their baby’s sex – but some argue there’s more to the viral story.

    A US couple have been roasted after their “ludicrous” gender reveal stunt went wrong – but some have argued there’s more to the story.

    Gender reveal parties, where couples find out their unborn baby’s sex in front of loved ones, have become all the rage for expectant parents.

    But as couples try to find more and more elaborate ways to reveal their baby’s sex they’ve also become dangerous with some causing fires or even deaths in the process.

    A video shared to Twitter last week shows an unnamed US couple taking part in the “milk crate challenge”.

    Surrounded by baby party decorations, the father-to-be can be seen climbing precariously-stacked milk crates while holding a bowl of powder which will reveal the baby’s sex.

    As he nears the top, the expectant father loses his footing and falls, knocking over the party’s decorations and scattering blue powder everywhere.

    There are jubilant scenes as the mum-to-be and guests dance in celebration at finding out the baby’s sex – leaving the father lying in pain on the ground.

    As the dad-to-be fell he hits his head on a cardboard box and stays on the ground clutching his back while the other guests celebrate.

    The video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times, with many slamming their gender reveal stunt.

    “This new fad is absolutely ludicrous,” one person commented.

    “I love how the reveal mechanism is designed on the presumption that this will end badly,” another tweeted.

    But others were more sceptical of the video, pointing to the fact that the woman’s bump was unusually distended.

    She also appeared to be heavily pregnant, with most gender reveal parties taking place early on in the pregnancy.

    “This has to be fake no? that belly looks fake as hell and she looks to be waaaay late into a pregnancy to find out the sex of the baby,” one person wrote.

    “This is done ironically, right? They’re too into it for it not to be parody on some level,” another said.

    However, some argued that even if it was a fake gender reveal the man who climbed the milk crates appeared to be genuinely injured.

    “Reveal may be fake, but dude legit fell, got a face full of blue powder, and looks to have hurt his back or hip,” one tweeted.

    “Hospitals are overwhelmed right now,” another commented. “They don’t need idiots climbing on unstable stacks of milk crates for social media validation clogging up their stretched resources.”


    The milk crate challenge is a dangerous stunt that originated on TikTok, however, the social media app is now taking steps to ban videos of the challenge.

    As the name suggests the challenge involves a person walking up and then down a pyramid stack of milk crates, with the aim to get as far as possible before falling.

    The craze has prompted medical experts to come out and warn against taking part, with one doctor labelling it “very dangerous”.

    “We are seeing many orthopaedic injuries as a result of the falls,” orthopaedic surgeon Dr Shawn Anthony told the US Today Show.

    “Injuries can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries.”

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