Man Shares Photo of 'Ever-Shrinking' Xbox Gamerpic Due to Advances in Tech, Xbox Engineering Lead Responds

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Xbox, with each new generation of consoles, brings in several advancements to the hardware, graphic, and user interface (UI). However, as per a hilarious tweet from a user, it also brings some drawbacks that may not be a deal breaker for most but might be slightly disappointing for some long-time users. Gabriel Roland (@noukon), a video producer by profession, tweeted that his PacMan Ghost avatar gets shrunk "ever smaller and smaller" with each new generation. Upon coming across the tweet, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie said she'd make it her "personal mission" to fix this issue.   

Roland tweeted that he purchased the gamerpic (profile icons for Xbox users) with 80 Xbox Points back in 2006. Since then, the avatar is gradually shrinking in size with advancing display technology such as 4K screens. However, Roland joked that he will "not yield." He said that he will stick to his favourite gamerpic "until the seas boil over."

Since Roland tweeted about it, several people have shared related posts, with many users saying that they too have experienced this problem.

One user (@migrantp) posted an image of his avatar that, too had shrunk in size. The user only said, “Solidarity”.

Here are some more users who shared their own shrunk-down gamerpics:

Supporting Roland, another user (@No07525869) asked why can't Microsoft just “scale it” to solve the problem.

Why uh... Why wouldn't they scale it? I support your stance, though.

— Geena from Upstate (@No07525869) August 20, 2021

As Roland's tweet gained traction, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) responded saying she can't promise anything but it would be her "personal mission" to resolve the issue.

As the first likely step to understanding the problem, Marie said she bought the gamerpic pack and it cost her $2.38 (roughly Rs. 180).

Step one: I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE GAMERPIC PACK. It was $2.38 and not a dollar so I already have gone above and beyond, give me my bonus already

— Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) August 25, 2021

Marie, too, seemed to enjoy the challenge, saying, “Wow, this is... a journey” and that this was going to be a multi-step journey.

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