Nasty argument breaks out on The Block

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Another fiery argument has broken out in The Block’s cul-de-sac, with two teams throwing out brutal on-camera insults about each other.

    The gloves are well and truly off between the feuding contestants of The Block, with the animosity on site reaching fever pitch on Monday as a builder became caught in the crossfire.

    It comes amid the uncomfortable aftermath of Mitch and Mark and Tanya and Vito’s yelling match last week over the ongoing cheating saga of the season, with the teams each telling producers they want nothing to do with each other going forward.

    On Monday, Mitch and Mark’s builder Jason took matters further in a tense confrontation with Vito, calling the hairdresser a “f*ckwit” while their shocked neighbours watched on from their yards.

    The episode began with Tanya and Vito refusing to visit Mitch and Mark’s house during the weekly walk through, telling the camera: “We’re not interested in seeing anything they’re doing, as far as we’re concerned they don’t exist to us anymore.”

    “We’re competitors now with house one, four and five. That’s it. House two do not exist to us,” said Vito.

    Meanwhile, when asked for their thoughts on Tanya and Vito, Mitch and Mark said they were simply “so over” the feud.

    However, it was a moment behind the camera that had Jason up in arms, revealing that Vito had kicked a landscaper out of his house after he’d popped by to visit another tradie.

    “Why would you tell him he’s got no dealings in your place? Why are you dragging people like that into it?” he questioned Vito, marching towards him on the street.

    “I don’t want anybody from house two welcome in this home. I don’t need anyone from house two snooping around,” Vito responded.

    As the argument heated up, Jason tried to walk away but Vito wasn’t having a bar of it.

    “You confront me then you walk away,” he yelled.

    “You’re a f*ckwit for putting me under the bus,” Jason fumed, referencing Tanya’s previous accusation that Jason was behind the scandalous photo of The Block’s top-secret production schedule which divided the teams early in the season.

    “You then have a go at my landscaper who’s got nothing to do with the schedule scandal, you then tell me that I sent the photo to Andrew when you guys had the photo,” Jason continued as Vito accused him of “ambushing” Tanya last week.

    With the two men far from coming to an agreement, they agreed to drop the matter and go their separate ways.

    Elsewhere, tensions are still extremely high between Mitch and Mark and the controversial couple, with an awkward “Winners are Grinners” dinner leaving everyone uncomfortable.

    As auction day looms, the squabbling contestants have made it clear they certainly won’t be keeping in touch beyond the show.

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