| ANC dominant force in Eastern Cape with nearly 70% of the vote, DA and EFF far behind

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  • The ANC is leading the race in the municipal election in the Eastern Cape.
  • So far, the ruling party has secured four councils and looks set to govern almost all local municipalities in the province.
  • By Tuesday evening, the ANC had secured 218 council seats across the province.

The ANC is flexing its muscles in the Eastern Cape, flying high with nearly 70% of the province's municipal election vote despite decades of service delivery failures in crumbling towns where the taps will soon run dry.

By Tuesday evening, the ANC had won four councils and secured 218 council seats across the province.

These were the municipalities of Umzimvubu, Blue Crane Route, Ndlambe, and Inxuba Yethemba.

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At the same time, it was leading in nine councils which are considered stronghold areas.

Most notably, it led the race for the crucial Nelson Mandela Bay Metro with 42% of the vote.

For most of Tuesday, the DA was behind the ANC, with 37% of the vote in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro .

The EFF, which could become a kingmaker for a coalition government, was steady at 7% of the vote.

At the time, 61% of the province's votes were counted.

The ANC is set to win all district municipalities in the province, including the Buffalo City metro, where it led with 69% of the vote.

In the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, the ANC was ahead in the race with 61% of the vote.

Recently, the municipality was slammed for the construction and unveiling of a controversial R15 million sports field.

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Lessyton Sport Field in Komani has no working ablution facilities and electricity, while its grass athletic track is marked with fading white paint. It also has removable roofless metal stands for spectators.

Scores of people questioned its hefty price tag.

The ANC enjoys steady support in the Dr Beyers Naude Municipality, where early results showed it received 16 913 votes to secure four seats.

By Tuesday evening, the DA was second, with two seats from the 13 771 votes it received.

The ANC has held onto its majority in the Blue Crane Route Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

It got 56.3% of the vote, the DA 37.1%, and EFF 6.2%. There are 11 available seats in Blue Crane Route Municipal council with the ANC winning six wards, the DA has four seats in the bag, and one will be allocated to the EFF.

ANC provincial elections head Mziwonke Ndabeni, said while the party's support is strong, the cherry on top of the cake would be a victory in Nelson Mandela Bay.

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"We are happy with the support we have received from the people of the Eastern Cape. We have won almost all municipalities in the Eastern Cape.

"The Nelson Mandela Bay metro is hotly contested, and even there, we are leading the pack. We are leading Buffalo City metro, and we are assured of a huge win in the metro. We have secured clean victories in all the district municipalities," he said.

Ndabeni said the ANC renewal message has resonated with voters in Gqeberha.

"We are looking at the results. Yes, the race is between the ANC and the DA in NMB, [it] is neck-and-neck. It's something we did not expect because the metro was run a DA-led coalition.

"We are contesting there from the opposition benches, but with the results coming, we are very comfortable with the results we are getting there. Our project to renew and our commitment to deal with corruption is bearing fruits," he said.

It was not all bad news for the DA.

The official opposition retained the Kouga Municipality in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality.

It received 53.5% of the vote as opposed to the ANC's 37.1%. The DA may have garnered more electoral support, but it has six seats – one more than the ANC.

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In 2016, the ANC got 40% of the vote while the DA got 56% giving them an outright majority in the council.

Chantal King, deputy DA leader in the Eastern Cape, said given the ANC's dominance, they only identified five municipalities for a possible win.

"I am very confident that we will have Nelson Mandela Bay in the bag because we are still waiting on votes to be counted. Our stronghold wards will be coming online to at least show that we have grown our support," she said.

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