| WATCH | ActionSA willing to partner with DA for coalition govts, says Mashaba

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  • Herman Mashaba says ActionSA is willing to partner with the DA in a coalition government.
  • The businessman and former DA member has conditions on what a coalition agreement should look like.
  • Mashaba left the DA in 2019 citing political differences.

ActionSA is willing to go into a coalition government with the DA, but the party's leader Herman Mashaba has strict conditions on what the agreement should spell out.

ActionSA, a party launched in August 2020, has made huge inroads in the big metros in the municipal elections.

The party is projected to perform well in Johannesburg at over 15% and in Tshwane and Ekurhuleni at just under 10%, according to the News24 Elections Forecaster.

News24 elections forecaster | Real-time projections as the votes continue to be counted

The party has eaten into the DA's support base and that of the ANC. It had a strong showing in areas such as Soweto. The party was able to gain wards from the ANC, an area that has long been a stronghold for the party.

With Action SA projected to do well in Johannesburg, Mashaba said his party was willing to work with the DA.

This is the party he was once a member and served as Johannesburg mayor.

He left the party in 2019 citing political differences and racism.

Mashaba referenced this conflict over race and politics as one of the conditions that the DA would have to compromise on if it seeks a partnership with Action SA.

The businessman said the DA has to take social justice more seriously and prioritise servicing poor communities.

"The DA I would work with them, but on one condition that the DA must understand, and it is the reason why I left, that ActionSA is committed to social justice.

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"I am not prepared to live in a country where people live in squalor and you tell me I must go and cut grass in Sandton. As long as the DA understands that we are going to serve all societies and communities," Mashaba said on Tuesday afternoon.

"If they are not committed to social justice then they can go into a coalition with the ANC," he added.


DA supporters pictured in Johannesburg.

Mashaba has previously stated that his party is willing to go into a coalition with any political party, but not the ANC.

Action SA first performance

Mashaba has attributed Action SA's performance in townships and suburbs to the general rejection of the ANC by voters. He said places like Soweto have long faced abuse from the ANC and were desperate for an alternative.

"People of Soweto have been abused by the ANC and it has been a playground of abuse of poor people. And now people of Soweto are gatvol and they have demonstrated [that] in their support. People are saying we are gatvol with these politicians and we are looking for an alternative and we said we are the alternative," he said.

He also attributed Action SA's successes to his own business history and ability to spot opportunities.

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Mashaba said what made Action SA unique was its growth among all racial groups. He explained that the party has a 20% support base among white South Africans with the rest of the numbers being other racial groups.

Despite a hope to see a growth in electoral support for Action SA especially in Johannesburg, as vote counting continued, Mashaba said the growth of the party proves it is not a small party but a new one.

"We have the real numbers now, even at 16% we have demonstrated we are not a small party, but a big party," he added.

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