Olympic event axed after horse shockingly punched in Tokyo

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Controversy erupted when a coach was expelled from the Olympics for striking a horse and it looks like having huge consequences.

    Horse riding will reportedly be scrapped from the modern pentathlon after controversy exploded around the event during this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

    German coach Kim Raisner was booted from the Games because vision appeared to show her striking the horse ridden by Annika Schleu, one of the athletes she trains, after her ride went horribly wrong and cost her a shot at the gold medal.

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    Schleu, who finished fourth in Rio five years ago, was in tears as her horse Saint Boy went rogue, unable to convince him to get around the course and over any jumps.

    The German star was in the lead with a gold medal in her sights heading into the show jumping section but it wasn’t long before her hopes of Olympic glory were ripped away. Schleu didn’t register any points and crashed to last place.

    According to multiple reports, modern pentathlon’s governing body UIPM has secretly voted to remove horse riding as one of the five disciplines from the sport, where it sits alongside shooting, running, swimming and fencing.

    Respected Olympics site Inside The Games reported the change is set to occur after the 2024 Olympics in Paris, but no decision has yet been made on whether to reduce the sport to a four-discipline event or replace horse riding with something like cycling.

    Modern pentathlon was first introduced at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and has been a staple of the Games since, but it’s future looks clouded after the scandal in Tokyo.

    UIPM has not denied reports horse riding will be axed, instead releasing a statement saying: “As part of UIPM’s commitment to maintaining a strong, dynamic profile for modern pentathlon, a series of strategic meetings are being held. These meetings will include an upcoming call with national federations later this week. The outcome of these meetings will be detailed in a press release to be published on 4 November.”

    An investigation commission by the UIPM in the wake of the controversy found Raisner violated Rule 4.6.8, whereby a “pentathlete or team is disqualified for rapping or beating a horse and all other cases of cruelty and/or ill treatment of a horse”.

    Inside The Games reports UIPM also established a Riding Working Group in the wake of the Olympic scandal to investigate the treatment of horses in the sport.

    Show jumping is arguably the most difficult component of modern pentathlon because athletes don’t ride their own horses. Instead, they are assigned a horse they first meet about 20 minutes before the event, and need to try to cajole it into hopping over obstacles.

    The distressing scenes involving a tearful Schleu in Tokyo sparked furious debate online about the treatment of horses in the sport. Some felt sorry for the German, lamenting how tough it is for riders to bond with a horse in such a short amount of time, but others said it was disturbing to see how riders treated their horses when they didn’t respond to their commands.

    Some were upset at Schleu’s constant whipping of Saint Boy when he wouldn’t do as she liked, while others alleged she dug her spurs into the horse, which caused more outrage and claims of animal cruelty.

    American actress Kaley Cuoco weighed in, slamming the furore as a “disgrace” and offering to buy the horse ridden by Schleu to “show it the life it should have”.

    Schleu maintained she did nothing wrong and defended her conduct after coming under fire for her treatment of Saint Boy.

    “The hatred I encountered on social media has masked the disappointment about the missed medal,” she told Germany’s Die Zeit newspaper after the Games.

    “I did not treat the horse extremely harshly. I had a crop with me that was checked beforehand. Exactly like the spurs. I am really not aware of any cruelty to animals.

    “I started crying relatively quickly. I was so tense because I realised that the competition could be over before I even started riding. The seconds that passed then felt much longer to me. It was a hopeless, difficult situation for the horse and for me.”

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    Fast Legal Services in Dubai