Reality star’s surprise admission about TV appearances

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For years Keira Maguire has been a “strong, confident” character on reality TV – now she’s revealed the reason why.

    It’s a word that gets thrown around as an insult often – especially when it comes to influencers and reality TV stars.

    But how many people out there can really be called a narcissist? While many of us probably have some narcissist traits, only a very small amount of the population are actually narcissists.

    According to SANE, between 0.5 and one per cent of the population have narcissistic personality disorder.

    It’s also a very serious and (often distressing) mental health condition for those who have it, encompassing much more than just enjoying taking a selfie or 10.

    Keira Maguire says she’s been accused of being a narcissist “maybe five times” in the last few years.

    The Melbourne-based influencer rose to fame after appearing on The Bachelor in 2016 where she played the show’s “villain”.

    Since then Maguire’s appeared in a string of reality shows, including Bachelor in Paradise and I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, where her strong personality and humour has won her plenty of fans – despite polarising some viewers.

    Maguire appears on this week’s episode of Insight which asks several influencers the question: are you a narcissist?

    The reality star believes she has “traits” of narcissism – something Maguire argues is necessary for her line of work.

    “Yeah, of course I do (have traits),” she said.

    “You need to have some sort of narcissistic traits, you need to have an ego to be in this industry … You actually need an ego to survive in today’s day and age.

    “I don’t think that I have a narcissistic disorder but I definitely feel like I have traits of it, definitely.”

    Maguire told Insight host Kumi Taguchi the fact she “speaks with a lot of conviction” often sees accused her of having narcissistic traits.

    “The last show that I went on I was a very strong, confident character which is who I am and I’m not going to deny that,” she said.

    “I can back myself and I just feel like a lot of people see that as a narcissistic trait.”

    Maguire has more than 147,000 followers on Instagram where she shares mainly beauty and fashion content.

    “I actually get a lot of people saying to me that I’m completely different on social media than the way that I’m perceived on TV,” she said.

    “I feel like on social media, although everything is controlled and filtered, I do get to express myself the way that I truly am and it does relay.”

    You can watch Keira Maguire’s full interview on Insight’s episode Narcissism: Who really is a narcissist and how does that impact their lives and those around them? airing tonight at 8.30pm on SBS.

     For support or information on narcissistic personality disorder contact SANE Australia on 1800 18 7263.

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    Fast Legal Services in Dubai