‘Sex object’: Sick attack after Putin interview

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A female reporter who interviewed the Russian President last week has been subjected to a vile, sexist attack from Putin sympathisers.

    A respected female reporter has become the subject of a bizarre, sexist attack following an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The drama kicked off when CNBC journalist Hadley Gamble interviewed Mr Putin on stage during last week’s Russian Energy Week panel in Moscow.

    At the time, she was hit with sexist remarks from the President himself, with Mr Putin implying she was too attractive to understand his comments on Russia’s gas policy, and repeatedly referring to her as “beautiful” and “pretty”.

    Now, a string of Putin sympathisers, including high-profile Russian media personalities, have stepped up the attack on Gamble, accusing her of being a US “special operations” weapon designed to distract the leader with her feminine charms, The Daily Beast reports.

    It comes after Mr Putin himself was accused of deliberately bringing along an attractive interpreter to “distract” then-US president Donald Trump during a 2019 summit meeting.

    Following Gamble’s interview, Russia’s 60 Minutes host Olga Skabeeva claimed she was part of a US “special operation” against Mr Putin.

    “Let me remind you that only a short time ago there was a huge scandal when it turned out that Putin brought translator Daria Boyarskaya to his negotiations with Donald Trump … Look at Comrade Gamble, she is also a beauty,” she said.

    “Look at Megyn Kelly, she is the woman the Americans brought the last time. She was a blonde, this time it’s a brunette.

    “They’re in the same age and weight category. They keep trying to get to Putin.”

    Another media outlet, Vesti, asked: “If Russia is sending beautiful translators to American presidents, then who is coming from the United States?”

    Reporter and former politician Mikhail Markelov also described Gamble as a US “secret weapon”, claiming she was “sent” in response to Mr Putin’s translator.

    And Dmitry Kiselyov Kiselyov took it a step further, claiming on the Vesti Nedeli program that Gamble acted “shamelessly”, “cast wistful glances” and moved her legs seductively.

    “In Moscow, Hadley squeezed into a tight black dress, fluffed up her flowing hair, and put on a pair of nude leg-lengthening Louboutin high-heel pumps … Hadley Gamble elected to show up to meet the president without stockings and with exposed arms … By the way, about her legs. They were covered in shimmering body oil, as though this wasn’t a work assignment,” the host said.

    He added that she “worked her body language to the fullest” by “rolling out her tongue” and claimed she “behaved boldly, openly positioning herself as a sexual object”.

    Another commentator, Vladimir Soloviev, also accused Gamble of using her “sex appeal”.

    Meanwhile, Gamble herself is taking the Russian commentary in her stride, poking fun at the furore in a string of social media posts.

    In one, she shared a photo of a cake ordered for her by her friends, which features Mr Putin’s face and the words “too beautiful”.

    And in another, she poses with a Russian newspaper article about her interview, joking in the caption the accompanying photo of her legs captured “my best angle”.

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