Shocking new claims about ugly reality TV fight

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne cast are trading vicious barbs on social media after a hard-to-watch fight in the latest episode.

    We’re four episodes into the current season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and battle lines have been drawn.

    On the one side, there’s OG cast member Janet Roach. On the other, new girls Kyla Kirkpatrick and Anjali Rao. Tensions came to a head in an explosive dinner party fight in Sunday’s episode – and are now spilling over online, with both camps accusing the other of cyberbullying and abuse, amid claims some of this season’s worst moments are so shocking they can’t even be aired.

    The TV fight

    Sunday’s episode of RHOMended in chaos, as a dinner party during a girls’ trip to Cairns descended into a torrent of insults and walkouts. The blow-up was caused by Janet’s insistence that Kyla, who she previously knew a decade earlier, had turned into a “fake.” She claimed Kyla had lied about everything from the amount of times she’d been to Paris to why her previous relationship ended, and was also planting made-up stories to turn the other cast members against each other.

    “You’ll never be on my level. You’re nothing. She’s just a lying piece of sh*t,” Janet said, as an emotional Kyla fled the dinner, calling Janet a “f**king psychopath” on her way out. It was all hard to watch - but that was just the beginning …

    Janet speaks out: ‘Next level disgusting’

    Janet took to Instagram this week to defend herself, writing: “I have no reason to lie. My messages tell me you feel the same. At least I have warned my friends to keep their eyes open when dealing with this one. My conscience is clear.”

    In a follow-up post, she accused both Kyla and Anjali of “feeding fake stories” about her to Real Housewives fan accounts and gossip sites in the wake of the Cairns dinner, evoking the late TV presenter Charlotte Dawson, who dealt with online trolls before her death: “There is a law called Charlotte’s Law for a reason. This is cyber bullying. It is unacceptable behaviour.”

    She didn’t stop there, personally responding to dozens of supportive comments with further barbs aimed at the new cast members, who she called “low lifes”: “What kind of women are these people?” she asked, agreeing with one fan who said they should be “fired from the show.”

    “What kind of people do this? No integrity and clearly not above making up stories,” she wrote. “Never had to put up with this level of bullying. It’s next level disgusting.”

    Kyla and Anjali hit back: ‘Vicious behaviour’

    Kyla blasted Janet’s behaviour as “deplorable” in a post to her Instagram account, writing that she was “apprehensive” about signing up for Real Housewives given the show’s reputation for drama – but that she never expected the attacks to be so personal.

    “I was shocked to find in the end that there is nothing off limits. They say they won’t allow another woman to attack your career or your family but that wasn’t true. I found that other women’s ‘opinions’ which were categorically not based on fact were touted as truth just to try and put you down,” she wrote.

    She also claimed that some scenes filmed for this season were so confrontational they will never go to air.

    “Luckily viewers will not see how bad the bullying was this season as the producers will not let it go to air. The fact that scenes were cut short with producer intervention due to one person’s aggressive manner to protect us is bad enough,” she wrote.

    She finished by encouraging her followers to “not believe as gospel what comes out of some ‘peoples’ mouths! ‘People’ can be driven by ulterior motives based on jealously, hatred and downright nastiness.”

    Fellow new cast member, former TV anchor Anjali Rao, also posted in the wake of Sunday’s episode airing – claiming producers were forced to “shut down” the Cairns dinner due to Janet’s behaviour, with she and fellow cast member then Cherry consoling Kyla through the night.

    “Oh Lord, she’s at it again. How does one person have so much time to spend making up complete twaddle about others?” she wrote of Janet.

    “Everyone at the Cairns dinner from hell knows what really happened. EVERYONE, including Janet. Production was forced to react in an unprecedented manner, by shutting the scene down because of her abominable, vicious behaviour, while @cherrydipietrantonio and I stayed with @thechampagnedame (Kyla) through the night, comforting her.”

    And she blasted her fellow cast member for mentioning TV presenter Charlotte Dawson, who struggled with online trolls before her tragic 2014 death.

    “But, most importantly, I agree with Janet in that Charlotte’s Law is there for a reason. That reason is to protect people from ACTUAL bullying by disgusting trolls before it’s too late. It is NOT there to be abused by some miserable, desperate woman, lying to draw attention her way.”

    Notably silent through this social media flame war: The season’s four other cast members, established Housewives Jackie Gillies and Gamble Breaux and new girls Simone Elliott and Cherry Dipietrantonio.

    So where to from here? We’re not even halfway through this season of Real Housewives – so expect fireworks at the inevitable end-of-season reunion episode.

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne continues 8:30pm Sunday on Foxtel’s Arena channel – and check for our full recap of the episode as soon as it’s finished airing.

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