Tech giant’s bold new move

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The maker of Apple’s iPhone has revealed a new direction for the company – and it could have a huge impact of the car industry.

    Taiwanese giant Foxconn, which makes the iPhone for Apple, has branched out and revealed three electric vehicle concepts.

    The three EVs are a seven-seat SUV, a luxury sedan and a bus. They are called the Foxtron Model C, E and T respectively.

    According to reports the vehicles won’t be badged as Foxconn but will be sold under other car brands. Foxconn will license the vehicle design and build the cars for the company, in the same way it builds electronic devices under contract for major tech companies.

    Foxconn believes its electric vehicle manufacturing will be worth $US35b ($47b) in five years time.

    Apple has reportedly been planning to create its own electric car for some time, with a rough production start date of 2024.

    Rumours of a partnership with Hyundai Motor Group earlier this year fizzled out, but the emergence of its iPhone manufacturing partner as an EV manufacturer could signal a future Apple car.

    According to UK publication Autocar the Model C SUV will have seating for seven but will be shorter than conventional full size SUVs and closer in size to part time seven-seaters.

    It’ll use an electric motor and a 58kWh battery pack that will enable it to sprint from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds and have a driving range of up to 600km.

    These numbers appear overly optimistic compared to current electric vehicles with similar battery size and specification.

    The Model E has been designed by famed Italian outfit Pininfarina, which for years helped craft some of the most desirable Ferraris.

    Pininfarina was dumped by Ferrari a few years ago and pivoted to designing and building its own high-end electric supercars.

    The Model E is more luxury focused and compares favourably to Tesla’s ageing Model S sedan.

    A big 96kWh battery with two electric motors makes a combined 560kW and helps it hit 100km/h from a standstill in 2.8 seconds. It claims a monster 718km of range.

    Foxconn’s electric Model T bus has a driving range of 400km.

    The manufacturer has reportedly signed deals with EV start-up Fisker and Taiwanese car company Yulon. It has also bought a car factory in the US that could be used to make EVs.

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