The Block contestant speaks out: ‘We saw an opportunity and we took it’

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Block contestant Tanya has issued a new statement about her role in the show’s cheating scandal - but another team has shut down one of her claims.

    After one of the most explosive episodes of The Block ever, ‘cheaters’ Tanya and Vito took to Instagram to beg for forgiveness for the scandal involving a leaked photo of the show’s production schedule.

    Apologising for their role in circulating the photo, Tanya admitted she “saw an opportunity and took it,” but did not reveal once and for all whether she was the one who took the snap in Scott Cam’s office and sent it to Luke and Josh, who then used it to cheat.

    It comes after Tanya told the production schedule was clearly visible to the cast, having been placed right by the bathroom used by Block contestants.

    Now, Mitch and Mark have come forward to rebuke Tanya’s claim, explaining that the production schedule was kept in a highly secure location.

    Here’s how the situation is unfolding today:

    Tanya and Vito’s public apology

    Posting to Instagram on Wednesday night after a wild body corporate meeting which saw Mitch and Josh exchange vicious barbs, Tanya wrote: “On behalf of Vito and I, we would like to apologise for our role in this cheating scandal.

    “Many may have varied opinions of exactly what took place but we would like everyone to know just how upset and sorry we are that things turned out the way they did.

    “We are your regular family who applied for @theblock to better our future and make our children proud and this was not a proud moment; it was embarrassing and humiliating and I only have myself to blame.”

    Tanya described what it was like explaining the saga to her children, calling it “one of the hardest challenged we have had to face thus far.”

    “We are human, just like anyone else, and we made a mistake. It does not excuse what we did and we take full responsibility for the impact it had on everyone involved, including the full cast, crew and builders,” she said.

    Touching on the lies the couple had told to prevent the full story from coming out, Tanya said they weren’t “thinking or acting rationally” as they were in “protection mode.”

    “We saw an opportunity and we took it, but it wasn’t right or OK,” she added.

    “We understand people’s anger but we hope that you will see the human side of us. We are still healing and real lives can be affected. We are truly grateful and will never take for granted the opportunity #TheBlock has given us. We hope to still make our family proud.”

    Tanya’s production office claim to

    Ahead of the cheating scandal unfurling across all three episodes of The Block this week, Tanya spoke to about how it all went down.

    While viewers saw her admitting to receiving a photo of the schedule from an anonymous tradie, Tanya also claimed the schedule was easily viewable by any of the contestants.

    “Obviously the photo did end up in my possession, but it was actually in a really obvious spot,” she said.

    “Most of us came by [the schedule] because it was right by the toilet, it was right there on a massive board. It was right there in front of us, so I felt very singled out, like I was the only one who saw it but plenty of others used the toilet that day,” she said.

    “It felt almost like it could have been set up.

    “I know the story coming is that someone found the schedule in Scotty Cam’s office, and yes, it was there, but making it sound like I’m a commando rolling on the floor sneaking into his office is definitely a reality TV part of it.”

    But Mitch and Mark have blasted the claim on Nova this morning, explaining just how protected the production schedule was from prying eyes.

    Mitch and Mark’s refute Tanya’s claim

    “It’s not true,” Mitch told Fitzy and Wippa when asked about Tanya’s claims to

    “The production schedule is inside the production office; it’s inside a house converted into an office building, you can’t get in.”

    Mark elaborated: “We went past that area every day. There are clear signs that say you cannot go into that area. There was one step where you’d go ‘I’m just nervous stepping over that’. There was never a production schedule seen and we’ve done The Block twice,” he said.

    “I still don’t know where that office is in the building,” Mitch added.

    Teams to be punished at Sunday night’s room reveal

    Amid calls from viewers for the twins and Tanya and Vito to be kicked out of the competition, Mitch and Mark have revealed there are repercussions to come — but they’re far from harsh.

    “I think they got off pretty lightly … we were kinda surprised at how lightly they got off,” Mitch told Fitzy and Wippa.

    “Ultimately (their house) has gotta go to auction,” added Mark.

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