The King’s Man Trailer: Ralph Fiennes Founds Kingsman in World War I Prequel

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The King's Man's new trailer is here — and it's bloody. Disney-owned 20th Century Studios has unveiled a new trailer for director Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman prequel to his two other Kingsman movies, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The King's Man takes the franchise back to the World War I, where we discover the Kingsman secret agency's origins and their struggles to stop the European tyrants who are out to kill millions. This is at least the fourth trailer for The King's Man, thanks to the many delays the film has faced due to COVID-19.

Self-proclaimed holy man Rasputin (Rhys Ifans) opens the new The King's Man trailer, before the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) approaches him with a request to meet the Russian czar. Rasputin shoots back: “I only make decisions when my stomach is full or my balls are empty.” The King's Man trailer then rewinds a bit, showing us the start of World War I, before the Duke notes that they are the world's first independent intelligence agency. He adds: “While governments wait for orders, our people take action,” as The King's Man trailer shows who's involved.

Rasputin returns later in The King's Man trailer and declares that it's time to dance. Cue in glimpses of the film's many action sequences, including a beheading, Fiennes fighting with his cane, and a fencing duel that ends with a gun reveal. And oh, a lot of screaming.

In addition to Ifans and Fiennes, The King's Man also stars Gemma Arterton, Harris Dickinson and Djimon Hounsou as Kingsman agents, Tom Hollander as (somehow) in a triple role of the British, Prussian, and Russian kings George V, Wilhelm II, and Nicholas II, Daniel Brühl as the Austrian charlatan Erik Jan Hanussen, and Charles Dance as War Secretary Herbert Kitchener. The King's Man also has roles for Matthew Goode, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stanley Tucci, Neil Jackson, Joel Basman, Alison Steadman, Robert Aramayo, and Alexandra Maria Lara.

The King's Man is slated to release December 22 in cinemas worldwide, including India. It is set to clash with The Matrix Resurrections (also December 22) and Spider-Man: No Way Home (out December 17).

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