Two months, two miracle searches

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The discovery of Cleo Smith has eerie similarities to toddler ‘AJ’ who was found four days after going missing.

    Two months. Two missing children. Two successful searches.

    As news of Cleo Smith’s safety reverberates across the nation, echoes of a similarly desperate – and ultimately successful – search are coming back into focus.

    It was just 10 weeks ago that the family of three-year-old Anthony “AJ” Elfalak feared the worst after the non-verbal autistic boy went missing near his home in the NSW Hunter Valley.

    But after being lost in rugged bushland for three days, a blurry image taken from a police helicopter showed him drinking muddy water at a creek on September 6.

    His mother Kelly said she firmly believed saints, angels and the Virgin Mary played a role in keeping the boy safe.

    “We’re a religious family … I always say that the Virgin Mary and all the saints and the angels are with my kids every day,” she saidafter the incident.

    “The Virgin Mary is always with us and I knew she was always with AJ.

    Australians were similarly thanking the heavens after waking to the news on Wednesday that Cleo Smith had been recovered “alive and well” from a locked house in Carnarvon, having been missing for 18 days.

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    Fast Legal Services in Dubai