Village tourism destinations in Kozhikode lack basic amenities

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Due to the shortage of funds and lackadaisical approach by the authorities, some of the emerging ecotourism destinations in the rural areas of Kozhikode district are badly missing even the basic amenities, causing huge disappointment to tourists. Poor waste treatment options, bad condition of roads and the yet-to-be completed comfort station facilities spoil the charm of these destinations, where local bodies are expecting the intervention of the Tourism Department.

Office-bearers of local tourism societies point out that Kakkayam, Kariyathanpara and Thonikkadavu areas are lacking basic amenities even after the investment of huge funds by the Tourism Department in the name of innovative development projects. A close look at the condition of ecotourism spots in Koorachundu panchayat will give a clear picture of the situation, they say.

One of the most neglected spots, according to them, is the Kakkayam ecotourism area where the maintenance of tourism properties is not up to the mark. They allege that a garden and a hanging bridge in the area, which used to attract many visitors, are on the verge of destruction. The delay in carrying out road renovation works gives a bumpy ride to tourists to this location. Adding to their woes, the road caves in often during monsoon.

“Many domestic tourists who visit village destinations are forced to seek the help of their friends or distant relatives to meet their basic needs. At least, quality comfort station facilities should be introduced in every ecotourism spots,” says V.T. George, a tourism entrepreneur from Kakkayam. He points out that there should also be facilities for the safe stay of tourists with the support of approved homestay operators.

Safety concerns

Safety issues in some of the trekking and water tourism spots are also a concern.

A former local body member from Koorachundu says not even a first-aid centre has been set up at Kariyathanpara, which is now notorious for accidental drowning. According to him, there is not even a good emergency transportation service available in the area in case of any accident. The situation is the same at Arippara, one of the prominent water tourism spots, he adds.

Meanwhile, Tourism Department officials say the issues raised by local tourism societies will be resolved with the completion of the ongoing works in many locations. Some works are pending only because of the temporary issues faced by contractors, they say.

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